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building brass model trains by jeff lemke

Building Brass Model Trains will take you on a unique and interesting journey into the factories in South Korea that produced these highly detailed, miniature cars and locomotives. While there were a dozen or more companies that once prospered in this field, only a scant few remain today. Let's take a look back now to enjoy these pictures that tell a detailed story about the tedious work that went into designing, building, and painting these exact scale models. Many were Twin Ports prototypes.

railroading in superior, Wisconsin by jeff lemke

Although Superior was an industrial force in its own right (once the largest industrial complex within the State of Wisconsin) it was overshadowed by Duluth almost from the beginning. Join me as I explore many parts of Superior, some of which were well known, while others were lost to time. One advantage that Superior enjoyed over Duluth was the vast area of flat land that stretched to the south of St. Louis Bay.  Here, many railroads built large, relaxed rail facilities that simply would not fit on the Duluth side of the harbor.

railroading in duluth, minnesota by jeff lemke

Railroading at the Head of the Lakes started in 1872 with the coming of the Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad. But soon after, along came many others, all scrunched onto an increasingly narrow shelf of land along the bluffs of Duluth—and what started as a very narrow spit of land—called Rice's Point. While the Northern Pacific Railway quickly gained the upper hand here by controlling these lands, other lines managed to squeak through several narrow passages made available to them, giving Duluth a truly unique variety of tightly intermingled railroad lines.